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The 12 major pieces exhibited at the Beijing International Art Expo August 2011, were acquired by the Fu ZheNan Museum in Nanjin, China, a private museum owned and managed by the famous Chinese painter Fu ZheNan.


Adam and Eve

Yoram Gal - Adam and Eve


Central Park NY

Yoram Gal - Central Park NY



Yoram Gal - Gulliver



Yoram Gal - Jerusalem


My Life part II

Yoram Gal - My Life part II


My Life part III

Yoram Gal - My Life part III


Neptune in Jaffa Port

Yoram Gal - Neptune in Jaffa Port


Seattle II

Yoram Gal - Seattle II


Seattle III

Yoram Gal - Seattle III


Self Portrait X

Yoram Gal - Self Portrait X


Sheinkin street Tel-Aviv

Yoram Gal - Sheinkin street Tel-Aviv


The Dance of Wisdom

Yoram Gal - The Dance of Wisdom